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About Us Page Learn About the new owners of the peerless hotel

The Peerless Hotel was acquired by Shawn Donnille in 2021 and is managed by D’Ann Hawkes. Shawn is a history aficionado, lover of historic architecture, and an inveterate antique collector. His sole objective is to protect this revered Ashland treasure which has been a local landmark in the historic railroad district since 1900 and promises to preserve its curious details for future generations. D’Ann Hawkes is a masterful guest services expert and has a cunning eye for creating rich interiors with an emphasis on guest comfort, and she is responsible for making sure our guests have an unrivaled experience and that all comforts are available. To sweeten the pairing, we are beyond thrilled to work with Ashland’s finest guest services and vacation booking company WanderLodges. They offer unparalleled level of service and are responsible for all reservations, guest inquiries, emergencies, and all questions you may have.

The owners of the peerless hotel Shawn Donnille and D'ann Hawkes

Shawn Donnille (Owner) and D'Ann Hawkes (Manager)

boutique historic hotel near downtown Ashland
boutique stylish inn

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